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Pastor Tim Iamaio

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As a congregation we believe in the biblical teaching of tithing and have made a committment to tithe 10% of our offerings and gifts. In addition to our Feeding With Hope program and supporting several local charaties, we also give regularly to the following:

Bread of Life Mission - Plant City, FL

Pastor Julio Santana and his wife, Elba, founded the Bread of Life Mission in August 1993 to respond to the immediate needs of low income families in Plant City and the adjacent areas. Since they opened their doors, they have reached thousands of families, mostly of the migrant farm worker community, providing them physical and spiritual nourishment. Their main goal is to help people become educated, productive citizens of the community. They believe that education holds the key to a better future. To accomplish this goal, they have created programs, with a strong emphasis on the education of children. Through all of their programs they offer these families an avenue to become independent from the social services programs, and the ultimate freedom knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

National Association of Congregational Churches, Philippines/Caring Community

Mission founders, Rev. Ernanie and Awit Castillo brought the Congregational Way to the Philippines. Presently, their son, Symphony John, serves as Executive Director of the NACC. The NACC has planted over 30 churches with a goal of planting three new churches a year. These congregations are closely associated by a covenant of faith and fellowship in accordance with the biblical teachings. Acting as an inspirational and advisory body, NACC bridges unity and networking in its outreach to poor communities. Part-time pastors must work full-time at a secular job and carry on a part-time ministry to their congregations on weekends. Many of them cease to exist for lack of ministerial support. The NACC strives to provide support to churches and pastors to keep the churches alive, reaching out to their communities in growth-efficient ways. NACC is on the frontline of ministry relief, livelihood assistance, and a childhood sponsorship program through Caring Community. $245 annually provides for education and the basic needs for one child (we currently sponsor four children). The program aims to help families in areas being reached by its church-planting ministry. In addition, the Caring Community supports pre-schools and kindergartens. The missionís goals are four-fold: (1) to support local pastors in their ministry to NACC churches; (2) to share the love and compassion of Christ through spiritual nurture and material assistance; (3) to plant Congregational Churches in the surrounding villages and suburbs; and, (4) to help educate children and train them for future leadership in NACC churches.